International Symposium

17th June

Integrated Coastal Dune Management in Europe. Case studies

Download the symposium full programme

Organizing Committee
Co-presidents : YVONNE BATTIAU-QUENEY (President of  EUCC-France, University of Lille 1) and ALBERT SALMAN (Coastal & Marine Union-EUCC, Head of Sustainable Development Unit)
Members :
EUCC-France: C. Clus-Auby (General secretary); V. Bawedin (Assistant treasurer); J. Favennec (Vice-president); L. Gouguet (Head of the ONF “Mission –littoral”, EUCC-F Ex-Com member).
Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC): M. Mannaart (Managing director); M. Ferreira (Head of International Programme); Robert Steenbergen (Head of General Affairs)

Scientific Commitee
President : JEAN FAVENNEC, vice-president of EUCC-France, Honorary Head of  ONF “Mission-Littoral”
Members :
France : Y.Battiau-Queney (University of Lille 1), S. Costa (University of Caen), F. Duhamel (Conservatoire botanique National de Bailleul), L. Gouguet (ONF), H. Heurtefeux (EID-Méditerranée), C. Meur-Férec (University of Western Britany), M.-C. Prat (University of Bordeaux), F. Rozé (University of Rennes 1), M-H. Ruz (University of Littoral and Opale Coast),
Belgium: Jean-Louis Herrier (Agency for Nature and Forests, Flemish Government)
Germany: Dr. Matthias Mossbauer (EUCC-Germany)
Italy: P. Campostrini (CORILA)
Lithuania: R. Povilanskas (EUCC- the Coastal Union Baltic)
Netherlands: A. Salman (Coastal & Marine Union), F. van der Vegte (University of Amsterdam)
Poland: K. Rabski (EUCC- the Coastal Union Baltic)
Portugal: F. Taveira Pinto (University of Porto)
Spain: J. Serra Raventos (University of  Barcelona)
United Kingdom: P. Rooney (Liverpool Hope University)


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